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Our policy will protect your home against fire, lightning,theft, hurricane and other named perils.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings Insurance protects your home, swimming pool, outbuildings, walls and fences and other items from damage caused by fire, lightning, hurricane, storm, flood, theft and vandalism etc.

In addition to this basic level of coverage, we can offer items such as:

  • Loss of Rent/Alternative Accommodations
  • Sea Walls, docks, piers and jetties.

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance protects your personal belongings and the household goods of your home, garage and other buildings on your property from damage caused by fire, lightning, storms, floods theft, hurricane and vandalism. Such items as:

  • Furniture and clothing
  • Electronic Equipment: e.g. TV, audio, video and computer equipment.
  • Contents temporarily removed from your home.

Additional coverage is available for Accidental Damage to cables and underground services.

All Risks

This protects your valuable items of jewellery (named and valued), laptops, and high end contents etc.

Sea Walls, Canal Walls, Docks, External Satellite Equipment and Antennae
This section itemizes any sea wall, dock, satellite equipment and provides a separate insured value for it.

Liability Insurance

This covers your legal liability resulting from accidents to visitors and workmen and for any legal liability attaching to you.  Additional cover is available for domestic employees.  Various limits are available to suit your needs: $250,000 to $1 million are standard.