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Why Choose JSJ ?

As the oldest and largest General Insurance agency in The Bahamas, with a subsidiary office in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of professional service by giving our personal best to our clients, our co-workers and the community at large, thus remaining the leader in the insurance market through continued growth and innovation.

Entrust us to handle all your insurance needs whether Personal, Commercial, Marine, Aviation, Life, Health or Employee Benefits. We offer you Peace of Mind.

Here are the core reasons why you should choose J.S. Johnson & Co.:

Clients Come First
Our clients are our number one priority. For this reason, we try to design all of our policies around our customers’ needs.

We Encourage Feedback
In our quest to continuously improve our services, we encourage feedback about our service and our products.

On-The-Spot Policy Processing
With our on-the-spot policy processing you can leave our office with your Motor and Home policy documents in hand.

Easy Payment Terms
When the demands of your dollars are too great, take advantage of our premium financing arrangements with its easy payment terms.

Qualified Staff
J. S. Johnson boasts of having the largest number of professionally qualified General Insurance staff in The Bahamas.

In-house Claims handling
No matter how careful you are, sometimes misfortune strikes. Our in-house qualified staff are available to quickly and efficiently deal with all of your claims needs no matter how small.