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Planning a trip this year? Whether traveling by boat, plane or car, we cannot always plan for the unexpected.

Let J. S. Johnson offer you peace of mind with our travel insurance policy. To request more details, please contact our Travel Insurance Department. The policy offers the following coverage options:

Loss of Deposit

For the reimbursement of pre-arranged travel and accommodation expenses previously paid by the insured or where the insured is contractually obligated to pay.

Baggage & Other Personal Effects

Reimbursement for loss or damage to baggage and other personal effects.

Money & Traveller’s Cheques

Covers the loss of money, traveller’s cheques, passports and tickets.

Medical and other Expenses

Medical hospital treatment, repatriation expenses, travel expenses of a relative or friend who must escort the insured.

Personal Accident

Coverage for accidental bodily injury occurring during the period of insurance.