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We offer coverage for your business from a selection of Insurers.

We provide coverage for companies to ensure they have protection for the times when extraordinary things happen. The basic coverages offered include:

Buildings & Contents

Coverage for the Buildings and Contents of your property to include office furniture, machinery, business equipment and general stock.  Coverage can be arranged on a Fire and Standard Perils basis or on a wider All Risks policy wording.  Protection against Fire, Hurricane, Earthquake and extended perils are offered.

Business Interruption

If the functioning of your business is interrupted from any physical damage like fire or hurricane, or if you have damage to business records, this coverage will pay for the trading loss during an agreed upon indemnity period.

Computers & Electronic Equipment

Coverage for your computers and other electronic  equipment. This includes property that is in transit on motor vehicles or that is undergoing cleaning or repair.

Legal Liabilities – Public Liability and Employers Liability

Coverage to protect your business for both Employers and Public Liability for any issues arising.  Injury sustained by members of the public or certain responsibilities to your employees.

Crime Coverage

In addition to the major coverages listed above, we can offer to protect your business against losses to Money, or from Burglary or for Fidelity (Employee dishonesty).

We can also offer tailor made Business Coverage for your business to suit your particular needs.  Commercial businesses such as utilities, retail, car dealerships, warehousing, supermarkets, restaurants, offices (lawyers, accountants etc.), banks, travel agencies etc. can all be assessed and coverage provided on a specific basis.