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To ensure your car has the best possible coverage, we offer a multitude of motor insurance policies.

Third Party

This covers your legal liability for damage to other people’s property, and death or bodily injury to other persons if you are at fault for the accident.

Third Party, Party, Fire & Theft

Covers you for Third Party, as mentioned above, and, in addition, covers your vehicle if it is stolen or burnt.


Covers all of the above but also includes accidental damage to your vehicle (i.e. collision and malicious damage).

Our Comprehensive policies, provide the following free of charge:

  • Hurricane cover – this covers your vehicle against the perils of hurricane, windstorm, earthquake, riots and flood.
  • Windscreen Damage – covers loss or damage to the windscreen or window in your vehicle, subject to a maximum of $1,200.00. This type of claim does not affect your No Claims Discount (NCD).

Our Comprehensive Private Car policies provide:

  • Basic Protection for your personal belongings while in your vehicle; if they are lost or damaged in an accident up to a limit of $200.
  • Passenger Liability – covers your liability for death or injury to passengers in your vehicle.
  • Medical Insurance to take care of minor hospital and physicians’ bills of up to $300 per person and a maximum of $500 per accident.
  • Personal Accident Benefit for the insured and spouse up to $5000

Extra Benefits – under your Comprehensive Private Car policy:

  • No Fault Benefit Provides you with a rental car up to $500 and waives your Deductible up to $500 in the event you have to claim for loss of or damage to your vehicle through no fault of your own.
  • Protected No Claims Discount gives you the comfort of knowing that if you are earning maximum no claim discount, when you claim, for $10,000 or less, your No Claims Discount will not be reduced.

Optional Benefit – available under our Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Policy:

  • Passenger Liability – You can protect your passengers by adding this coverage to your Commercial vehicle policy for a small fee.